Kuwait International Fair


First company to organize exhibitions in Gulf area:

The State of Kuwait topped the entire region’s states in establishing the first exhibitions company in Kuwait and the region in 1971, assigning an area of ​​650 thousand square meters thereto, reflecting the importance of this industry in achieving marketing opportunities through bringing together companies’ representatives with customers directly, so as to provide their services through organizing various events.


An internationally accredited official exhibition organizer:

The Company succeeded in acquiring a great position among the regional exhibition centres in pursuit of global reach, where it is proud of its membership as an internationally accredited and licensed exhibition center in the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry - Ufi)


Company's Marketing and Sales Department:

Marketing and organizing all local and international events, in terms of preparation and supervision, such as exhibitions, conferences, camps, concerts, plays, meetings, etc., in addition to providing advice to their clients regarding these events.


International Exhibitions:

Kuwait International Fair Company pays great attention to the special exhibitions held by the states on the International Exhibition Grounds and has succeeded in providing best services and facilities for such exhibitions, which encouraged several foreign and Arab countries to hold their activities in the State of Kuwait, specifically cooperating with Kuwait International Fair Company because of its professional services and facilities.


Our Services:

  • Rental of exhibition halls, facilities and stands.


  • Providing consultations to clients through a specialized team to determine the requirements for organizing and holding events.


  • Marketing for various events at the local, regional and international levels.


  • Implementing all decoration works and constructing display stands, while adhering to strict deadlines for our clients.


Other services that Kuwait International Fair Company helps providing:

  • Outdoor yards and green spaces that can be used to hold your activities.
  • Obtaining entry visas.
  • Customs services.
  • Internal broadcasting.
  • Providing catering buffets.
  • Access cards.
  • International and local fast food restaurants and cafes.
  • Providing wheelchairs and parking spaces for the elderly persons and people with special needs.
  • Safe playgrounds for children.
  • Internet and Wi-Fi services.
  • 24-hour security services.
  • Digital screens advertisements service.
  • Recreational and service train.
  • Vast public parking.
  • Separate private car parking (VIP).
  • Large mosque and prayer areas.
  • Banking services and ATM.
  • Showrooms and facilities.

These facilities are crucial in addition to the multi-purpose exhibition halls, which can be used through optimum utilization of these facilities and outdoor open spaces in all activities, events and various performances, including large galleries of different sizes in addition to a theatre and conference hall. The following are the advantages of each hall.



Hall (4):

The largest hall and is characterized by being separable into two independent halls (4A) and (4B), with an area of ​​5000 square meters each. Each hall has a private entrance and a large lobby separate from that of the other hall.

  • Total area: Approx. 10.114 square meters.
  • VIP-Lounge, with a preparatory kitchen and two toilets attached thereto.
  • Public parking.


Hall (5):

One of the most suitable halls due to its medium size, on the one hand, and its internal connection to Hall (6) directly, on the other hand.

  • Total area: Approx. 4.160 square meters.
  • Lobby: This hall overlooks a large lobby with an area of ​​2222 square meters, in addition to sharing Hall (6) and Hall (7) through the lobby, forming an additional exhibition space to be used in multiple other exhibitions.


Hall (6):

Second largest showroom in terms of area, as it is connected with Hall (5) from the inside.

  • Total area: Approx. 7000 square meters.
  • VIP-Lounge, with a preparatory kitchen and two toilets attached thereto.
  • Lobby: An area of ​​1.785 square meters, in addition to sharing Hall (5) and Hall (7).
  • Furnished offices ready for rent: Eight (8) furnished offices are attached to this hall for reservation by businessmen to follow up on the affairs of their exhibitions and events.
  • Public parking.


Hall (7):

Multi-use hotel hall for special occasions.

  • Total area: 2000 square meters.
  • Lobby: An area of ​​325 square meters, in addition to sharing Hall (5) and Hall (6) across the lobby.
  • Public parking.

Hall (8):

One of the most luxurious halls of the Company.

  • Total area: Approx. 6,788 square meters.
  • VIP-Lounge: Including a catering facility with a preparatory kitchen and two toilets.
  • Large hall: Located on the mezzanine floor, completely facing the theatre, with an area of ​​410 square meters.
  • Modern equipped theatre: Modern theatre and a high-tech conference hall, with a capacity of 250 seats.
  • Public and private parking.


Theatre and Conference Hall:

The theatre is located on the upper floor of Hall (8) and it was built according to the latest international standards to suit the needs of our customers.

  • Total area: Approx. 410 square meters.
  • Capacity: 250 seats.
  • High-tech features: Equipped with modern display devices that include a moving display screen, speeches platform, projector, DVD recorder, and an audio system with two microphones.
  • Equipment room with an area of ​​19 square meters.
  • Service facility: Includes a preparatory kitchen and two toilets.
  • Public car parking: Accommodate more than 450 cars, directly facing the hall.


For more information or participation in our exhibitions, please contact:

Marketing and Sales Department

Kuwait International Fair Company

P.O. Box: 656 Safat - 13007 - Kuwait

Fax     : 2539872 - 2538123

Phone : 25387100